Sunday, March 1, 2015

Loving My MacBook Air

In December of 2014 I accidentally spilled some beverage (was it lemonade coconut water?) onto my MacBook Pro (that I'd owned since 2008-2009) and it no longer would work. After a visit at the Genius bar they said it was unfixable. I was on vacation in Florida so I had to have a new laptop to entertain myself for those two weeks alone. Enter the MacBook Air.

I got the 11" model because it's so small and adorable, and a lot cheaper too natch. I bought a little orange skin/case for it to help deter any harsh impacts. It's worked wonderfully ever since I bought it. Convenient, accessible and on-task. I couldn't be happier.

And so light you can put it in your large purse or workbag without a second thought. I can still view Netflix, Amazon Instant or YouTube videos without trouble because the landscape monitor is very high quality.

Although I still miss my very first MacBook Pro, I do have another replacement and this lovely Air to play with.

I've actually left my Lenovo Gaming laptop by the wayside because it's so huge, bulky and the track pad so glitchy and inconvenient to use.

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