Monday, October 20, 2014

Lotus Notes User Icon/Letterhead

I started a new job in June 2014. Ever since I've pined over the cool user icons I see my colleagues using.

Whenever someone sends an email message, an icon appears on the left-hand side of the email message header.

I did some searching today and found out this is actually a preference setting for letterhead.

Here is how you update your letterhead "icon:"
Updating Lotus Notes Mail Letterhead
  • Open Lotus Notes
  • Under the File menu, select Preferences
  • Under the left-hand side menu select Mail
  • Look for the Letterhead tab, and select it
  • Scroll to find your preferred letterhead "icon" and select it
  • Click ok and close out.

You can send yourself an email to test it.

I'm really happy I took about 5 minutes to search for the how to on Google. It took a while to finagle what the exact nomenclature should be.

It's important to me to express my individuality as much as possible ;o) Good stuff. :)