Thursday, April 15, 2010

MacBook Pro vs. Sony Vaio, An Update

The Laptop Wars!! Hardly.

So I've now been using my MacBook Pro for about four months and I still really like it. The learning curve was short because I watched as many Apple videos and read as many Windows-to-Mac switch articles as possible.

I especially enjoy the portability. My Mac is 13 inches, so I can slide it into my work bag and that's it! The battery is far far better than the (2007) Sony Vaio, so I often don't even take my charger with me. On the other hand, for my Vaio, I had to purchase a replacement charging cord because the one I had, suddenly started sparking at a section where it somehow got cut, while I was on the sofa with Benny (my dog). Eek. Talking about waking up from hiberantion in January, that really got my motor running that day. Luckily, no injuries to sofa or otherwise were had.

But would I give up the Sony to switch to Mac? No. I prefer to have two laptops for different purposes.

My Sony has all my movies (and the huge letterbox screen to watch them with) and all my music collection. I also use it to synch my iPhone. My documents and photos are stored on Dropbox so I can access them anywhere. My Vaio also has my Dreamweaver CS4 and Photoshop 7. So I do most of my web programming homework or on-the-side experiments there.

My Mac is used as an Internet appliance (as is my iPhone mostly!) where I just learn the Mac way, download interesting software, then uninstall it after I get bored with it, and just keep on trucking on my merry Apple-tinted web 2.0 way.

I still don't understand why the industry standard in graphic design is using Macs. The quality of pixels and art/design/layout can be modified using the same standards either in a Windows machine or a Mac. The software is the same (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign etc.). I'm sure there has to be a reason besides the eye candy and encapsulation convenience of Mac products. I certainly don't feel like taking up a full-time job working on web programming or design (either on a Mac or Windows), because, well for one I have been there and done that and didn't like it, and secondly, I like the flexibility of playing with these projects when the muse strikes and then moving on to something else.

As it regards the new delectable iPad...I'm not so sure I need it. I like reading paper books, because screen reading causes me eye strain--and boy, after editing pages and pages at work during the day, the last thing I need is more eye strain. And I know everything looks delicious on the iPad, but I see it just fine on my two laptops and iPhone.

I'm not into photo album features because I do just fine with Flickr. I'm not into newspaper reading, because I use feeds and stream my info in multiple fashion online (and on apps on my iPhone). And I can listen to Pandora and mp3s on my iPhone or laptops just fine right now. I'm not really seeing the point just yet. And importantly, I have a beef with finger smudges on slippery products--that's why I am now on my second rubber/non-slip cover for my iPhone.

What do you think about the Windows vs. Mac fight? Are you getting an iPad?