Monday, August 10, 2009

KITT Screensaver and Wallpaper

For some reason, last week, I had a hankering for some KITT acroutements for my work PC.

Must have been another one of those spontaneous urges to de-Microsoftize it and give it that personality je ne sais quois, I guess.

So as a result, I located what I considered a rocking good wallpaper image on Google Images. The wallpaper is actually a tasteful and cool rendered drawing someone created. I also was able to locate and download an awesome KITT screensaver, featuring the famed red hovering light and whoom-whoom sound f/x. My coworkers are slightly puzzled at the sound, since it could resemble an ultrasound of a heart beating ^_^; but it's not!

Well, my friends, needless to say, ever since these slight tweaks to my work PC, I'm in geeky KITT heaven. And although I forgot to download said accroutements, over the weekend, onto my personal laptop at home, I am most certainly on my way to do so this week.

By the way, Kitt was my first car crush *blushes* ^_^ It must have been that whispery tone of voice. *sigh*

Even though I had been watching Dukes of Hazzard well before KITT ever came on the TV, I never really liked the General Lee as much--preferring instead Daisy and her white topless Jeep Wrangler.